• Data Management

  • As a leading IT services provider in Tampa, one of our top IT priorities is Business Backup Solutions and Data Management. Because Backup is NOT an option.

    We understand that backup and disaster recovery are the core of any operational business. It needs careful planning and a reliable solution to allow you to recover your critical server and resources.

    With multiple backup points such as (Local, Remote, Hybrid appliances and Fail-over Sites), MAINFRAME TECHNOLOGIES INC. always ensures that your business and data are safe and available in the event of a disaster.

    Our Approach to Business Data Management and Disaster Recovery


    Because ensuring the ongoing operation of your business – during and after unexpected events – is such a growing concern. We are here to provide you with Business Continuity solutions based on the following:

  • Backup Options

    MAINFRAME TECHNOLOGIES INC provides local, offsite and Cloud based Fail-over solutions suitable for servers and workstations. We Offer Our Expert Services for All Operating Systems and Storage Media Devices. There are many types of data loss and an even greater variety of data storage devices, including hard drives, solid state drives, digital camera memory cards, hard drive based camcorders, USB removable media (also know as thumb, jump, and pin drives), multiple disk drive and / MP3 players. We recover data from every type of device, format and storage medium, even Apple computers and devices such as Macs, iPhones and iPads.

  • Safeguard and Defend Your Business

    We strongly recommend always having a local recovery option as main point of recovery. Other recovery options offered are offsite data recovery as well as Cloud Fail-over. We go the extra mile to Provide onsite disaster recovery documentation and educate end users on disaster recovery procedures.

  • No Long Wait for Data Recovery

    Daily Backup verification as well as Periodic testing of data restoration to ensure Backup solutions are functioning as expected. We also ensure each site has all installation media, backup hardware, and required tools to assist in faster recovery.